Time: 15 hours.


Though I spent far longer on this than I intended, I can see the results speak for themselves. It will make a beautiful two-page spread in my book, and I can only imagine the youth of our future who will one day come to enjoy it.

I love this so much. The colours and translucency are far more beautiful than I had imagined. All in all, this is a very sad scene, and yet it has been portrayed so exquisitely…

There is symbolism in it, and beauty in places where it is least likely to be found. I am proud, and incredibly thankful that I let my more creative side bloom and chose to follow the artistry of the piece, over realistic portrayal. She isn’t the Mareatü I had imagined, and yet she is perfect.

I hope you enjoy it to, and by it find the inspiration you need to walk your own path.

The Dreaming Sentinel.

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