An Ode to the Ice King (Insanity)

An Ode to the Ice King (Insanity)

The knowledge of ice being too much for any mortal man to understand…

Time: 4 hours and 43 minutes

Though not usually one for fan art, I thought the story of Adventure Time’s Ice King was really beautiful, and touched me deeply. I think I wove elements of Drangé into this as well, for their tales are aligned in poetic tragedy.

I hope you enjoy the piece; he is a wonderful character, and the series in general is great fun. I love how creative and random it is, how nothing stops the creators from (seemingly) doing whatever they want. And yet at the same time, the show holds a lot of depth and wisdom, if indirectly.

I take my hat off to the person who wrote Simon’s backstory. Here is my Ode to your Ice King.

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