One Big Story

One Big Story

I remember that a great director once said “we only ever make one movie” in our lifetime. The tale remains the same, is universal (monomyth, anyone?).

And I realised this myself, in my own art, whilst working a painting for Sharmie yesterday. Since I have let go of The Silver One, my creativity has flourished (apparently listening to “active imagination” visions is a wise thing, as painful as their words may be at times to hear. Though they are also cryptic and dangerous, as even dreams are, so handle them with caution). I have been literally “possessed” (see my earlier article) all week, to the point where I am struggling to sleep as there is so much to do. My mind won’t let me rest, and I feel all too similar to what Jung faced when writing The Black Book. I just hope I can get it all out quick enough1! I can’t illustrate as fast as I can write :'( (there is an error in the above painting though, just to note as well 😉 ).

Yesterday it dawned on me that Sharmaeous is Eldest (indeed, forgotten to my conscious mind until after that was that my first painting of him was based on an early one of Eldest I had made, back in 2011), as both are equally the Moonchild from The Littlest Creature. Drangé is reflected in the tale of Lao Laorus (“Umbra,” however that is still a project veiled in much secrecy), and Lariae’s even in that story as well. So too is Mercy (a story I am unsure I will ever write) another, and vice-versa with Liliette both showing up in Sharmie and The Littlest Creature, under the same name, no less!

It’s pretty obvious if one actually stops to think about it. But I didn’t, it’s in an artistic blind spot, perhaps hidden from me for so long by my archetypal mind, up until now; when it’s revelation would have greatest effect. And I have certainly felt a great release, since bowing to the grace of a vision greater than I. It was like un-corking a dam, and now, I am, as you see, possessed. The text for The Littlest Creature was finished in two weeks, more or less (the original Silver One was a month), I am presently working on the illustrations, getting this website finished (and writing many articles, such as this one, because I am “compelled” to), setting up and publishing my Youtube channel, as well as rendering / editing / otherwise making painting videos, writing Sharmie (which I had put off because priority-management on TLC, as I need to have some finished works), and feeling the urge to write Umbra (because I wasn’t writing Sharmie and it would have guided me there -.-).

Damn, I’m busy. I try to weasel my way out of how busy I am, and of course something else happens to subliminally push me to where I need to go.

Anyway, I need some breakfast. I’m hungry, and I have to paint 😉


1As a note, I officially finished the first draft of Sharmie on 2017/07/09. Now it’s time for some editing, before giving it out to friends for the final polish & иллюстрации!

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