The Dreaming Sentinel – The Origin of A Name

The Dreaming Sentinel – The Origin of A Name

A book about Sentinels, written and illustrated by The Dreaming Sentinel? What?

So, as you know I’ve recently finished an article on The Silver One, and the cover I made for it. I was initially going to include this topic (why I am called The Dreaming Sentinel) in the aforementioned post. But it soon turned out that there was no room for it, and I would have to write another article especially for it – this article.

So, why am I called The Dreaming Sentinel?

…Where to begin.


This is not the first version of this website you see before you. In fact, it went through many. When I was about 14 – 15 years old I discovered the beauty of blogging, as both a marketing medium, a means to explore who I am, as well as sharing my wonder at life (most of which was, at the time, my growing knowledge of the video game and entertainment industries).

The original blog had these eyes on black (static) as a watery background. It was one of the first illustrations I ever made for The Silver One, and the effect was stunning.

This first website, or blog, was called The Silent Sentinel. This was a name I chose specifically to refer to my book, The Silver One, which is the first in the Legend of the Silent Sentinels (the Legend being the centre of the story). And, of course, it sounded so much cooler to sign off my name as The Silent Sentinel than as who I really was, which is how it began – though at the time I was convinced I would still publish my books under my real name.

During year 10 of high-school I duel-wielded with a Tumblr account, and also briefly dipped my toe into the land of Deviant Art (but found their culture wasn’t for me); gaining my first followers. And in late 2012 – early 2013, I made some beautiful things for my Information Technology class.


The Silent Sentinel .swf:

One of them was the above, which was my first animation (and even then, the theme of dreaming arose). The other, was this:

The original design for The Dreaming Sentinel.

The illustration was of a character from my book – Mareatü. While she is not technically one of the Silent Sentinels, she had at this time become a sentinel in guarding the remnants of an ancient and once-powerful tower, many thousands of years after the seemingly all-important struggle had been forgotten and lost in the annals of time.

Yet she was asleep. And so, she became the Dreaming Sentinel; and thus, so too did the title of the website (it had also occurred to me at this point that naming a blog after silence was perhaps not the most intelligent of things).

…And by it, so did I.

At some point, the title of Dreaming Sentinel became more than Mareatü; it was a name by which I could remove my persona, or mask, and truly be myself. It is an amusing dichotomy, that such a name can hold – as in all things – such duplicitous meaning. But looking back I realise that dreaming has always been a recurring theme in my work, and perhaps something my Archetypal mind was leading me towards right from the very beginning.

Whatever it may be, this is how The Dreaming Sentinel was born. It was only much later that I decided to publish my work under the name as well.



Hoping you enjoyed the tale as to the origins of a name,
The Dreaming Sentinel

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