The Adventure Begins – WIP

The Adventure Begins – WIP

There is certainly a lot of Umbra in this image.

This is an illustration I’m working on, and it’s turning out amazing. Thanks to abandoning my Ni vision, the whole experience has been truly blissful. The best way I can describe it as is that Ni does become subconscious—the vision is still lurking somewhere in the background, and you really enjoy getting to the end results, but you take all kinds of de-tour like meanderings which later make even more sense in the greater whole.

The vision is not pinned down, but indefinite, ever-shifting, and as you follow your instincts it leads you towards somewhere you couldn’t have even imagined, yet is perfect.

Hopefully with practice I can make this a permanent state; it all comes from abandoning fear, and accepting that the end result of the piece is unimportant; what matters is that I do what I want, and feels right to me. That is the process of being an artist.

The art is mine, and mine alone.

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