So Many Manuscripts

So Many Manuscripts

Manuscripts for The Littlest Creature, as well as my favourite; Sharmaeous.

Today I have some Big Decisions to make. Really I feel like Tasslehoff Burrfoot (from Margaret Weis and Tracy Hickman’s Dragonlance anthology), in that I most certainly don’t wish to make them. I would rather work on these; my manuscripts (which I had planned on anyway), and put off the decision ’till another day.

Oh, and write this article, of course—which I had also been planning 😉

I should be researching, I know, but it’s not what I’d intended to do with the day. You see, I over-edited The Littlest Creature to technical perfection, but have now had to pull back as I felt the meaning of the work was lost. I like the duplicity of the piece, and the artistic choices I’ve made, though they might make the reading harder. I’ve learned from the project and intend to apply those lessons in my next works. But I don’t want to be stuck on the detailed nit-picking of this when I could be writing something else amazing.

Something like Sharmie (which, by the way, I did write and now need to get into second draft).

Anyway, last time I tried working on it I took the damn thing (TLC) back to the original (final) version and began to edit it all over again—only that I tried to multitask, turning three pages—that of the Copy Edit, Polished Edition, and the one I was working on—as I edited the original, taking what I wanted from both and condensing them into the one.

My two major versions of TLC – The Copy Edit (left), and the Polished Edition (right), as well as draft one of Sharmie, the Children’s Dragon.

That was too much, and by far ‘supes (super) confusing. So now, today, my work is set out for me; I am to go through the manuscript, apply the copy edits for what little grammar I know ( 😉 ), and then—if I have time—go over the Polished Edition and take what few improvements I made for it over to the original.

And then, hopefully, (the text at least) TLC will be done!

Cover art for The Littlest Creature and the Legend of the Moonchild.

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