A New Look

A New Look


My original profile picture.

Tonight I thought that I needed a new look. My old profile picture had been in use for a while, and I just don’t relate to it anymore. I love the look of the celestial alignment and it’s clear to read small—unlike the above left—but it’s too dark. I really love colour, and it’s just… old.

So, I grabbed a close shot of Mareatü, or the “Dreaming Sentinel” (a name which only later grew to become my own), fiddled with the colours in that magnificent tool that is Photoshop, and voila!

My new look.

It is interesting how much art reflects the soul. I never thought I would change—at least not for the next few years—and painted my website background so painstakingly as a result (in an effort to prevent it from becoming outdated too quickly). Yet now, already barely a year later, I am wondering what would happen if I made it brighter, or even daylight.

Ah well. Life is change, and this emphasises the impermanence of any work we make. So why, then, stress out too much? Do it and move on. Get better. Change.

Leave room to grow.


With love,
The Dreaming Sentinel

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