The Littlest Creature – A Blurb

The Littlest Creature – A Blurb

Recently I finished the blurb for The Littlest Creature and the Legend of the Moonchild (above). Due to the dimensions of the book now that I’ve formatted it (in Adobe InDesign, though that’s a whole other story, and one I’m intending to tell another time) I’ve had to crop the the original painting, and only a few days ago painted in the bellflower and ripples by hand.

That painting was the first I did for The Littlest Creature (Project TLC), and inspired the entire story. Painting the water over it now that the book is almost complete felt like coming home. Naturally, there was no other choice for the back cover. For me, there never was.

I formatted the text as best I could for readability. The colouration went through many iterations (even going so far as applying a faint golden glow to mirror the blossom), and in the end I settled on not following the silhouette exactly. “Getting it right” was no mean feat on such a complex background, but—as I’ve said—for me that image had to be the background. It’s one of the reasons why there’s so little text; less is easier to read, the mouthful is concise, and the image and words combine to tell a much greater story.

I’ve also left space for positive comments from some of my favourite authors, who I’m hoping to contact once I’ve printed and bound a copy myself, with illustrations at a juicy 600dpi (if they agree to read it).

So those are the latest details on The Littlest Creature! I hope you enjoyed reading this, and that you’re as exited for the book’s release as I am 😉

You’ll be hearing from me soon,
The Dreaming Sentinel

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