The Dreaming Sentinel is a 20 year old artist, writer, philosopher and poet currently based in Melbourne, Australia. Classed as an INFJ, she is a lover of Jung’s work, as well as that of Joseph Campbell.

Her background is in the entertainment industry, where she has volunteered as a designer, creative script writer, and concept artist on two role-play videogames, and one sci-fi film project, as well as in Permaculture; in which she currently holds a Certificate of Design.

In 2015 she worked at Weta Workshop as a member of the paint / cleanup crew, where she helped make props for Zhang Yimou’s film, The Great Wall, as well as for Sir Peter Jackson’s WW1 Exhibition in the Dominion Museum, Wellington.

She also holds a Certificate IV in Printing and Graphic Arts, graduated high school two years early, won a national Australian award, and has been doing her own thing since.

At present she is currently finishing her second book (the first is unpublished), the Littlest Creature and the Legend of the Moonchild. You can read up more on that project here, and also find illustrations in the gallery.