I am the Dreaming Sentinel. I watch with love and compassion, sorrow and fury as the world around me is consumed in flames—and equally, born again; for such is the eternal dance (history repeats itself). I have lived a thousand lives, died a thousand deaths (I read many books 😉 ), and journeyed through the annals of time to find the answers in my heart.

I am an artist, in so many senses of the word. I am a dreamer, a storyteller, a walker of the dark—I bring light to things unspoken, and sound to that unheard.

I dream of a better world, though I know the world is beautiful as it is, and always has been:

Throughout the ages, humanity remains the same…



Rianna Stahl is a self-taught writer, illustrator, and artist. She has worked as designer and concept artist in both the entertainment and video-game industries, as well as creative script writer for Party Llama Games’ up-and-coming title, Pandora.

After graduating high school at 16, she moved to New Zealand; where she fell in love with the land, and the celebration of life. At 18 she was contracted by Weta Workshop, where she helped create Peter Jackson’s WW1 exhibition, as well as props for Xhang Yimou’s The Great Wall.

A lover of history and an avid reader, she has since returned to Australia to pursue her calling as an independent author, writing and illustrating her own work. Now 20, she expects her first book—a project she has been working on since late 2011—to be finished mid-2017.


She also made this website. Enjoy! 😉