At present I have written the text for two books: The Littlest Creature and the Legend of the Moonchild, as well as Sharmie, The Children’s Dragon. However, they are not yet published, as I’m still in the process of finishing them.

You can read more on both below.


The Littlest Creature and the Legend of the Moonchild:

This is a story about growing up. Sent in search of the legendary Moonchild, the last thing the littlest creature expects to find, is itself…

Currently I am finishing up any last-minute edits for clarity (it has already been copy-edited), then I will begin to finish the illustrations which I am painting in the manner of an illuminated manuscript (inspired by Jung’s own Libre Novus).

You can have a look at what I’ve done so far in the gallery.



Sharmie, the Children’s Dragon:

This is a work still much less finished than the aforementioned. I have written the first draft of the text, but it could still be a bit more polished. Then I will be giving it to my friends for some clarity of communication advice and copy editing, before (hopefully) finishing the more serious of the illustrations.

It is a childrens book with pictures, though I’m not sure how many at this point. I’m just going by ‘feels (oh, how uneducated I must sound! To be an artist 😉 ).

But it is a very beautiful story, and one I look forward to sharing with you. For now, you can find art for what I have done in the gallery (this is a different link from the one above).