At present I am working on finishing my second and third books for publication (the first remains unpublished). These are The Littlest Creature and the Legend of the Moonchild, and Sharmie, The Children’s Dragon.

You can read more on both below 🙂

The Littlest Creature:

This is a story about growing up.
Sent in search of the legendary Moonchild, the last thing the littlest creature expects to find, is itself…

A book filled with gorgeous, full-colour illustrations, this is a journey deep into the imaginary world of The Dreaming Sentinel. Follow the littlest creature as it travels through a world as magnificent as it is terrifying, on a quest to discover its true identity.



Sharmie, the Children’s Dragon:

A work much less finished than The Littlest Creature, “Sharmie” deals with the nature of good and evil; right and wrong.

Follow the journey of Aldruven; a young human child, who meets and falls in love with his own, wild dragon. Little do either of them know the power their friendship holds—that of not only redemption, but also of happiness…