How can I use your work?
Please see my Terms of Use. If this doesn’t answer your questions, or you are left with some doubt, you are more than welcome to contact me—but please make sure you read them beforehand! I am very busy, and I try to use my time in the most productive manner possible. Every moment is precious.

Do you do commissions?
I do paid work for money, but they are not technically commissions, no. If I can at all help it, I hold onto my copyright, which the act of a commission instantly takes away.

On this topic, my favourite kind of work is album art, and visionary website design—though I am open to anything you would like to approach me with. I prefer payment (as it is taking a step towards a world which values the humanities, and the work their practitioners bring to the human experience), but am willing to volunteer if the project is interesting enough, or upon hard times.

Do you sell prints?
I do, though I haven’t got things set up yet. If you would be interested in buying any of my works, send me an email 🙂



Are you self-taught?
Aside from what I had to endure in the educational system, yes. I believe pursuing knowledge because it’s your passion, whatever that knowledge may be (be it reading fantasy for the joy of studying and learning from the storyline based on what you liked and what you didn’t, painting whatever you want and learning as you go, or reading classical medical literature, quantum mechanics, etc…), is a beautiful thing indeed—and I believe that being qualified doesn’t necessarily mean educated, and vice-versa. Follow your inspiration where it may lead you, and be yourself. All humans are intelligent in their own, unique way. You have gifts that no-one else in this world does; listen to that calling.

How do I get work in the entertainment industry?
Unfortunately, this comes down to word-of-mouth, and being in the right place, at the right time (sad truth, though this can be useful when looked at in the right light). Make some friends, message some studios, and put yourself out there. If you need work experience, start a friendship with one of the studios, and when it comes to the crunch ask if they’ll make an exception (more often than not, they will).

However, be wary of not believing yourself “good enough”. It is not a matter of your skill, but finding a team in which you can fit like a glove, who will support and value your unique contributions, and treat you as well as they can in a “cut-throat” industry. This is hard, and reality can come in the way and compromise this ideal, but always hold it in mind; too many companies make it out to be your faults in not being selected, rather than revealing that there really aren’t too many reasons to want to work for them, if you think about it (do your research on how they treat their employees, and make sure you know yourself first).



Be yourself, focus only on your strengths, and achievements based on what you have or have-not done before. Take into account who you are now, and what you’ve been through—only then can you judge yourself, against yourself, and your life’s experiences of being you.

Though there are other humans on this planet, and they might be classed in the same personality type, there is only one you. You are special.

You are unique.

Hold onto that, and make it your greatest strength.